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Terms & Conditions of Sale -, Inc
Please note that participation in an Auction held by, Inc., whether by way of a Live Internet platform such as Live Auctioneers, AuctionNinja, or Clearing House Estate Sales, requires the acceptance of our terms of sale, participation therefore constitutes acceptance of all terms listed on this page, and on our terms posted on each auction sale on, etc.

Terms of Sale

Please check your bidding status before the beginning of auction bidding. If you are not approved, please contact us. 

Participation in any Auction held by, Inc, on a live internet platform such as Live Auctioneers, AuctionNinja, Clearing House Estate Sales or any other online platform requires the acceptance of our terms of sale, and participation therefore constitutes acceptance of all terms listed on this page, failure to read these terms does not release the bidder from the rules and requirements set forward in these terms., Inc. has endeavored to accurately describe all items being sold, but all property herein offered for sale is strictly "as is", and it is the bidder's responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item prior to bidding.

No statement in the catalog, bill of sale, invoice, or elsewhere by a representative of, or person in employ of, Inc.  shall be deemed to be a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability with respect to age, condition, size, quality, variety, importance, provenance of historical relevance of any of these items.

Items listed in the catalog are for reference use only and description of items are no guarantee to the exact condition and / or age of any described item in the catalog. If the bidder has any questions, please email or call in advance of the auction. 

Images of items are considered part of the general condition report and bidders are advised to consult posted images for additional issues and/or damage not specifically listed in the item description. Additional High Resolution images can be provided upon request.

The auctioneer will be the final judge as to which bidder is the highest bidder. 

Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder and the fall of the auctioneer's "hammer" once apyment is completed.

The purchaser shall assume full risk and responsibility for the lot purchased once title has passed.

All items purchased on any online bidding platform must be paid for within 1 day from the date of sale and unless prior arrangements have been made with, Inc., a dispute will be filed after that period. Once a dispute is filed, claims to unpaid items are void and the gallery will have full title & claim to these items in order to resell them at auction.

In addition, all items purchased and paid for, need to be picked up according to each individual sales dates of pickup. 

All bidders are required to register and give full identification prior to the beginning of the auction

Bidders that sign up on the Live Auctioneers platform less than 15 minutes before the start of the sale will not be approved.

The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any property prior to auction and reserves the right to decline any online bidder.

No transfer will be recognized from one bidder to another.

All sales are subject to a flat 22% buyers premium.

Bidder does hereby indemnify and hold harmless auctioneer & seller from any and all damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever, caused before, during, or after the auction.
SHIPPING, Inc. does not offer in house shipping on purchased items. Winning bidders can have their items picked up by the shipper of their choice., Inc. will recommend local shippers when available, but, Inc accepts no responsibility regarding any part of the shipping process.

A local USP Store is able to help with smaller items. Their information will be listed in each separate online auction.
Shipping cost, especially on larger items can be significant, please get a shipping quote BEFORE the auction.

All sales are subject to an 8.375% NY Sales tax,.

A tax resale certificate must be on file with AuctionNinja or Live Auctioneers in order to be tax exempt. Please note that resale numbers are verified every sale, some states require that you submit a hard-copy.
Bidders must have a verified NYS ST-120 resale tax form and number on file with Live Auctioneers or AuctionNinja, prior to pickup, otherwise NYS sales tax will be charged.

Out of state tax certificates are not valid for in house pick up, if you are a dealer, please get a New York State resale number.

In order for out of state tax certificates to be accepted, items will have to be shipped to the state that the tax certificate was issued from, and a bill of lading will need to be submitted.


Payment in full is expected the same day that the auction closes.

Payment methods accepted are by credit card including VISA & MasterCard, Amex, Discover

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



There is a strict NO RETURN policy once items have been picked up and signed for. Please make sure to inspect all items upon receipt. Once bidder has signed off on the invoice, there can be no return for whatever reason. 

If a third party shipper is engaged, the bidder has to email a signed copy of their invoice prior to our releasing the winning item(s) to a third party shipper and the bidder accepts all terms and conditions. The winning bidder also agrees that no disputes or charge backs can be accepted once the items have left our premises.


Every auction sale will have a specific location, date and time for pickup of items listed. Any items not paid and / or not picked up during the specified pickup time in accordance with Inc. terms of sale WILL BE FORFEITED BY THE BUYER. 

It is stated once again that by participating in our auctions, the bidder has indicated acceptance of all posted terms of sale, posted here, and as posted on any other platforms that our sales are listed on.

AuctionNinja terms of sale are here

Thank you for reading our terms of service and we look forward to a successful relationship.


This Privacy Policy summarizes how, Inc. collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects your personal information to help maintain a safe, online environment encompassing (the “Site”). By accepting this Privacy Policy you consent to EyeGallery handling of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be updated with amendments posted on the Site at any time.

Unless otherwise noted, this Privacy Policy only addresses the collection, storage, use and disclosure of information that you give to, Inc., Inc. will not sell nor release your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes and will only use the information that you provide to notify you of any upcoming auctions or sales of our inventory.

No financial information will ever be asked of you unless you are requesting to buy an item specifically off of our website. In this case your information will only be used for a once only purpose and will not be kept for any future use.

Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please send EyeGallery an email using the contact EyeGallery form.

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